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Winter Strength and Speed sets Knights apart from competition

10/29/2020, 12:00pm EDT
By Staff Reports

Baseball, perhaps more than any other sport, places a premium on fast, explosive, rotational movement. The NE Knights have experienced, proven performance training with the Parisi Speed School all winter and spring.

Unfortunately, these same rotational movements also make baseball the sport that produces the most elbow and shoulder injuries.

It wasn’t too long ago that Major League Baseball players resisted strength training altogether, fearing such exercise would make them too big, tight, and muscular to execute proper movements. Then came the 1990s steroid era, which proved that some players could perform no matter how enormously their muscles developed.

Of course, many of those bulked-up players broke down because of the extra size—and that came at the expense of undue pressure on their joints. With baseball exercises, the goal is not bulk but to increased rotational strength, which is the key to generating power when throwing a ball or swinging a bat.

Proper training plans for high performing players must be designed around the player’s position, strengths, style of play, and biomechanics.

Proper strength programming and efficiently strong mechanical movement is of utmost importance and is synonymous with highly successful players on the diamond.

NE Knights Baseball specific strength is a well devised combination of:

  • Clean and correct mechanical movements
  • Maximizing torque factors per the players body
  • Increasing Pure strength
  • Increasing flexibility and range of motion

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