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Knight's Parental Expectations

Knights DO'S and DON'TS

Do decide what your reasons for joining the New England Knights are. Please ask questions of us and do your research to determine if we can meet your needs. Ask people who will give you an unbiased opinion about our organization, not competitors.

Don’t complain to the coach about playing time, position, batting order during the first two weeks of your season.

Do give the coaching staff a minimum of two weeks of games and practices to get a feel of where your son fits in best.

Don’t offer advice during games to your son or his coaches. Whether you agree or disagree with how things are being done, your son is in the hands of the coaches from the time you drop them off until the coach releases them after the game.

Do expect there to be schedule changes during the season. We do our best to maintain the integrity of every team's schedule, but many changes are out of our control with league schedule changes and weather.

Don't set the original schedule in stone when it comes from the league office. The schedule changes are made from the league office and are beyond our control.

Do enjoy the game for all its successes and failures. Failure is heavily built into the game and is a huge part of an athlete’s growth.

Don’t approach any coach minutes before or after a game to complain about anything. Emotions run too high and the outcome is never a good one.

Do reach out to a coach after a minimum 24-hour cooling off period. Be sure your issue is well founded because you may be jeopardizing future opportunities for your son.

Don’t berate umpires, players, or opponents from the stands—no matter the circumstance. That will be your fastest ticket out of the organization.

Do cheer for your son/team, or simply watch the game. Enjoy the ride and time with your son, family and new found friends.  Players rarely remember their teams record, but remember experiences, both good and bad, of being part of a team.

Don’t think the grass is greener in another organization. We believe we are the best there is at providing player development with class and integrity. That being said, each season our program adapts and adjusts to continually improve our service. Our coaches are held to the same standards as our players.

Do take advantage of the training opportunities provided on your own time. The Parisi Speed School training is a MUST DO for all Knights players. Cages are generally more open from April to November. If you think you don’t need to train in our facilities or on your own, then you’re in the wrong organization. Practice is where a skill is introduced. Players master the skill on their own.